Little Tolerance

Feelings Against Ambition

Tolerating upheaval and troublesome quirks
That make life sometimes difficult I’ll do without
By expressing intolerance by what I say.
If I have to do something then be as it may.
Irritation is awful. If you have some doubt
Put yourself in my small shoes and see how that works.

Do not give me your lecture. I’ve heard it before.
You cannot hear me argue, nor have I complained
To the point of annoyance. I cannot do wrong.
I’m your bundle of joy. In your hearts I belong.
Power struggles upset me. Need that be explained?
Please accept my objection to accepting more.

I’m focused and ambitious. I want to succeed.
I need little direction and lots of support
From the people around me. I can’t misbehave.
I just want some attention. Adventure I crave.
Nothing much about life does my nature distort.
I will prosper and flourish only if I’m freed.

I’m beset with high energy. Is it a curse?
None can make such an argument. All is divine.
Though I am well protected from harm in most ways
It is good to hear laughter and warm words of praise
For no reason specific. Just being is fine.
Tolerance we’re attached to for better or worse.

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