Got A Grip?, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Got A Grip? I just had one a minute ago
But it slipped away cunningly and awfully fast.
Sometimes when I think I have one by the balls
My firm grip becomes nothing. My spirit free falls.
How do I then recover from being downcast?
I learn what to hold on to. It’s worth it to know.

When I need a good grip I have learned to beware
Of those merchants who offer them at a cheap price.
Those unscrupulous bastards might sell me fake jaws
Then convince me to author, “For Whom the Tooth Gnaws.”
But my grip need not be some specific device.
It can be just an attitude – something like prayer.

I’ve a grip on my mission to know nothing more
Than whatever I’m interested in at the time.
I’ve a focus on clarity in my own way.
It provides me a vantage point from which to play
In a world where the contrast is somehow sublime.
I’ve a grip on just being my cause to explore.

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