Verbal Thought-Fare

Lethal Fragility of Ideas

Verbal Warfare is Thought-Fare. The hue of the glove
Offers fierce competition. The cognitive ring
Is the place where aggression will have its first fight.
One may find it disgusting yet with scant delight
There’s an urge to just do it. It’s the only thing
That attracts a good audience to challenge love.

It’s a world of ideas unscrewed from their source.
Void of light in the mainstream, they’re destined to clash.
Eminent is the danger that egos will break,
But forsaking a good fight would be a mistake
 For the essence of selfhood is gone in a flash.
The prospects may be more tragic than use of force.

Thought-Fare, often creative, can strengthen the mind.
Manifold are the outcomes opponents may choose.
In perfecting the drama practice is a must.
We enact with much vigor. The passion robust
Escalates entertainment. Who will win or lose
Is a matter irrelevant and undefined.

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