Emotional Fluency

Language Of Cooperation

Social intercourse takes on a special disguise
When the heart feels exuberance. People are fun
And a pleasure to be with. The variety
Among all earth’s inhabitants liberates me
From the prison of loneliness. There is but one
Way to deal with depression and be like the wise.

I’m the one who is errant. The world is just fine
As it spins on its axis. The wobble effect
Represents cyclic changes we all must go through.
I don’t up and feel badly from out of the blue
But through wrong contemplation. I then disconnect
From all harmony present. Then I piss and whine.

It is good that I know this. Often I forget
That my purpose for living depends on no one
But myself and my maker, the God of all things
Both chaotic and peaceful. At times my heart sings
To the tune of acceptance of how life is spun.
May the peace that I know now a new life beget.

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