In the Moment’s Precurse

A moment once divided by time equals thought
And when dissected further, no piece will one find
Because deep within thought there is nothing but space
With a smidgen of meaning to give it some grace.
Every moment’s a cosmos brought forth in the mind
And no two are alike as each next one is sought.

There is space between small things and large things as well.
There is plenty of nothingness present about.
Indeed, it’s a good thing that abundance abounds!
That’s why life is worth living. Our being resounds
Amid chaos apparent and causing some doubt
As to if our existence may justify hell.

In the moments to spare, do we compliment space
And dare not to give into particulate fare?
Our true selves would believe that’s not how it was planned.
We intended our beings, wherein we now stand,
Into joyous survival with faith in our care,
And most willing to wallow in nature’s embrace.

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