Father Tony


We know Father Tony Transubstancioni
Just like we know well what it’s like to be locked
On a wild roller coaster through theology.
We are young enough still that we’re able to see
Human nature’s innate tendency to concoct
Ways of selling salvation as if it weren’t free.

Now, some say that it’s not free. Someone paid a price.
Well, that’s good looking out. We’d have done quite the same.
So, what’s up with the guilt trip? We did nothing wrong.
We are new to your choir yet still sing your old song.
Has engaging with spirit become a board game
Wherein one can win only by great sacrifice?

With concern, Father Tony, do hear our advice
Given you who love torment as if it were sex.
Many acts are unholy. Please keep that in mind.
We would love to work with you, but first we must find
An environment safe enough in all respects.
What one learns from delusion is not worth the price.

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