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Fair Weather

An Easy Change In Attitude

There are wounds that don’t heal as time marches along.
Certain ‘weather conditions’ retrigger the pain
That can never be absolutely forgotten.
Inner youngsters are part of all women and men.
When the child is amused, there’s some healing to gain.
Nourishment, when exciting, will keep the kid strong.

Children hurt feel that hurting is perfectly fine
As a kind of existence for making sense of.
Whether nurtured within or inflicted upon
Others for entertainment, the true self has gone
By the way of the fearful instead of by love
But with proper attention the young one will shine.

Light is shown on the wound when the weather is fair
And the bright world around offers choice to no end
To remain in seclusion or dare to behold
Opportunity’s presence and not to be sold
On the lack of fulfillment. The need to transcend
The perceived incompleteness is what we all share.

An environment richly supportive is one
Where the spirit is emptied of its psychic waste.
I create such a space by what I choose to know
About inclement weather, its worry and woe,
And by knowing what climates are not to my taste.
Life is often enriching, delightful and fun.