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An Attractive Model

All The Comfort of Style

You add to any showroom your glamorous style.
You know that you’re attractive. Important to you
Is how you look to others. Beauty is success.
It is your full intention to charm and impress
Everyone who’s around you. Intelligent too,
You’re engaged and outspoken yet cool all the while.

You devote all your energies to whatever
Profession you partake of. Your best work allows
You to express yourself and meet people as well.
Fortunate were the times when there was much to sell
‘Till the new route bypassed you. This did not arouse
Any feelings of loss one might think would occur.

Your dear husband, Ramone, is a blessing indeed.
His decision to not ‘touch a classic’ was true
To your intrinsic elegance. Your sassiness,
Though, can detract from better traits that you possess.
Nonetheless, your persona and all that you do
Overall is outstanding. In grace you proceed.

Your magnificent bodywork is but paint deep.
But you know that intuitively, as you are
Capable of compassion and relating to
All your satisfied customers and others who
Have the pleasure of knowing you. You are by far
One who knows what is of value and what is cheap.