What It All Means

Snapshot Of Infinity

Sensitive to the needs of the people around,
There’s no doubt I’m receptive… right now, anyway,
Of my own and of those who reside in deep space,
And those passed into spirit. I find it’s my place
Not to keep it unspoken. The fool would betray
Such caliber of instinct. The wise will expound.

Service Is Self-Expression. In ultimate grace,
I perceive inner knowing of what best to do
To provide a solution, or at least, support.
Friends and neighbors are irksome if I sell them short
With my fear-based vibration. No threat can ensue
When in kindness I act. Everyone I embrace.

What makes this world go ‘round is one obvious thing
That may be something totally different for
Each and every living conscious entity here.
How chromatic the fractal of need does appear
To awakened awareness eager to explore
The expanse of the cosmos. What joy it can bring.

We each have healing energy when we are well.
It’s a gift we exchange among all who we know.
Not concrete in its nature, its lasting effect
And its great subtle power command the respect
Of the wise and all willing to see goodness flow.
What It All Means is that in perfection we dwell.

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