There’s Abundance in Everything, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

I’m a fan of Abundance. I am Nature’s Breeze
And what my heart caresses is pure plenitude.
Though I have want of nothing, I’m ready for more.
I am rich with desire with joy to explore.
Often covered in leaves, sometimes gold can be viewed.
It is all in the choosing of how my heart sees.

I’m a creature of color and vision as well.
I don’t see many numbers when I take a look
Through the colorblind booklet to see if I’m fit
To live life to its fullest without a permit.
Shortage is a perception disguised as a crook.
If believed in, it surely will cast a bleak spell.

There’s a Stream of Abundance engulfing us all.
But, in order to see it, I must be in tune
To that Stream of Abundance. There must be no doubt
That I can live in joy either with or without
That which I may be wanting. It then will come soon.
I invite my abundance to tease and enthrall.

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