The True Fragrance Of Thought

Knowledge Plus Experience Equals Magic

I express my affection in uncommon ways.
As it is with most things, this is normal for me.
Some can get rather syrupy when they display
Heartfelt sentiments. Tears are most often the way
They convey tender feelings to such a degree
That sincerity blesses them throughout their days.

People say that I’m mental, but am I a case
To be handled with caution? Or is there a way
Of restraining my intellect? I can’t do that.
Does it mean that my loving is fatefully flat?
I have feelings within me that clearly outweigh
Ideation of doubt that I am of this race.

Feeling generates thought, and the thoughts that I feel
Are as real as the passion that pumps through the heart.
Thought can bloom into fragrance depending on how
They are fed by my feelings and what I allow
To affect my expressing. Thinking is an art
I can only get better at. What a Great Deal!

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