The Most Important Question to Ask

Life is jam-packed with questions – both big ones and small,
From the stuff between atoms to deep outer space.
We are curious creatures – some more and some less.
Certainly I have questions, and I must confess
I would not see the answers in front of my face,
Yet there’s one simple question that stands rather tall.

“Is this universe friendly?” If I think it’s not,
Then a life marked by defense and putting up walls,
And fixations on weaponry would be my style.
If I think it is friendly, I greet with a smile.
Life becomes, then, fulfilling and truly enthralls.
I could mitigate hatred and give love a shot.

Many simply profound questions Einstein did ask.
This one is most important. In it we decide
If we’re feeding our fears of the unknown with doubt,
Or if we choose to learn what this life is about.
How I answer this question is my only guide.
Then my own friendliness can be kept well on task.

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