An Evolution of Perspective

I can see much more clearly when I’m flying high,
Looking down at where here and now happens to be.
I can wave at ourselves from the wide-open sky.
From my alter perspective, no troubles have I.
A new world of adventure is given to me.
With my wings of alignment, I need no ally.

Here and now is a nice view when wings are at rest.
Down here can be obstructive of a better view.
Structures that we call obstacles get in our way.
If we can’t see around them they screw up our day.
My intent upon flying is past overdue.
And it’s bright up here. My Goodness! Who would have guessed?

I just want to be happy. We all want the same.
Any life situation is one point in time.
From that point I can zoom out as far as I need
To see where in the big picture I may succeed.
I need not even find some tall mountain to climb.
From the broader perspective life seems rather tame.

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