Surrender Yourself

When one speaks of surrender, what does the word mean?
Passing from limitations of one dimension
To the ones of another… That seems to be fair
In describing the need to be lighter than air.
Giving in to a good thing is most often fun
Otherwise, if it’s stressful, no freedom is seen.

And we do value freedom more than we may know.
We will slither through filth and scale difficult heights
To hold on to what everyone claims as a right.
If we feel we’re restricted, we will get uptight.
Challenge to basic rights is the cause of most fights
So the best thing to do is to go with the flow.

In this physical form there are gates I won’t pass.
But becoming inane in an unbridled way
And in no way conditional is, I may find,
A wisely prescribed method to settle the mind.
When to know to surrender is but mine to say.
Between feeling and knowing, there is no crevasse.

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