Natural Well Being

My health and wellbeing are natural to me.
I could hang out forever and not age a day
If I really believed and I knew that I could.
I agree that this concept is not understood
By the masses who live life in mass disarray.
I am one of those masses, I’m grateful to see.

Many humans have lived long in excellent health,
Long ago in Before time when people had sense.
Or perhaps they had none, and God cut them some slack.
It is better to live long than keep coming back.
Although focusing long, here, one’s life gets intense.
If one lived past a thousand, he’d have to go stealth.

I am free to make choices about how I live.
I can live without illness or trouble or pain.
I don’t have to create a dis-ease to procure
An excuse for my leaving this earth quite unsure
If I could have died healthy. I’m best to sustain
My own purpose for Being Well, which is to give.

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