It Gets Busy On Tuesdays

It does get rather busy most Tuesdays for me.
I catch up on relaxing while doing my best
At observing my habitat most of the day.
Yet on Tuesdays I’m busy with still much to say.
I will say it but at my own spirit’s behest.
There’s no need for alarm. There is no urgency.

I’ll spend time with my fellows. I’ll eat a good meal.
Then kick back into slow mode. That much will suffice.
Ecstasy is my basking. I long not to be
Someone else’s fulfillment… eventually.
I’m laid back and I’m mellow, therefore I am nice.
What takes place in my jungle is not a big deal.

I did quite well today. Did I get a lot done
With today’s interactions? I feel satisfied
Even though there’s a deadline some would call midnight.
I need not create frantically. That’s just not right.
This is easy by now. Time has taken my side.
What has worked for the many does work for the one.

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