Seeing Through the Barrier

There are two sides to meaning. It is a great wall
That puts up the big question: “What’s on either side?”
Fancifulness of thinking is some people’s way.
Others dare to be practical. What does this say
About the human intellect? Does it provide
A glimpse into things deeper in life? Not at all.

Everything that I know not, I tend to believe.
I don’t know the full meaning of what I don’t know.
What I have is this person – a complex machine.
I have not seen the user’s guide. What does that mean?
Wild excursions of my logic just go to show
That to question the meaning of life is naïve.

When I know that I don’t know, I’m in seeking mode.
I don’t know a damned thing about anything. So,
I could be carefree as when I was a small child,
Or grow older, less joyful and so self-reviled
That the only contentment that my life will show
Is belief in what I don’t know, thus growth is slowed.

Life is beyond all meaning. The guide tells us how
To commit that conclusion to our memory.
To live life to the fullest, the phenomenon
Of life I must experience. Depending on
My concoction of meaning, I choose not to see
That life is too fantastic to settle my brow.

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