Uncommon Loftiness

The more subtler aspects of the world around me
Become clear to my senses, and I’m more aware,
In this dream that I live, of what I need to do,
Which is just about nothing. So high is my view
That my carpet of soft clouds leaves me without care
But with new ways of dealing with all that I see.

In my dream I’m astonished, as any young child,
By the world and its makeup. How does it evolve
In the way that it does? How do I play a part?
Since I do ask these questions, have I an odd heart?
Life to me is a puzzle – one which I can solve
From a place without form so the mind can run wild.

Intuition is strong, and my insights are keen
While aloft and detached from the ruckus below.
Yet, connected securely to what is called real
Not much ever escapes me. Regret I’ll conceal
That the contrast exists. I’m not willing to show
What would then amplify what I know is obscene.

Highly active am I at a very slow pace.
Complementing my comfort and dreaming in peace,
My creative expression gets revitalized.
When I hit the page writing, I am not surprised
That I come up with good stuff that I hope won’t cease
Any time soon. Indeed, that would be a disgrace.

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