An Uncommon Companion

Acquaintance With Uniqueness

From two worlds come together true adversaries.
Consciousness of each other is through the force field
Of transparent protection from the playful one
Who cannot stop from wanting to see her undone.
Through inane interactions, the lesson revealed
Is that change can occur but not always with ease.

Glamorous and expressive she is in her place.
Among loved ones, she loves playing the central role.
Responsive and most caring in your time of need
She’ll provide proper nurturing so you’ll succeed.
She knows best how to make any creature feel whole.
Through her essence aquatic, she knows not but grace.

Not aware of the danger that may be at hand
Due to uncontrolled urges emergent outside
Of her own psychic bubble, she teaches kindness
And a new source of presence that all can access.
In the end such a vision is never denied
Whether living in water or on the dry land.

What she knows is affection for all living kind.
Making friends is a blissful existence indeed.
During turbulent times every creature will care
For the welfare of others who are in despair.
Yet confined to the water, her spirit is freed
By the true source of wisdom with which she’s aligned.

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