A Festival of Appreciation


For the sheer joy abounding throughout all the earth,
(There’s a lot more of it than of anything not.)
There is reason to celebrate and carry on
In a spirit of caring. We rely upon
Each and everyone of us to earn what is sought.
Though we’re not in the sixties, it’s time for rebirth.

Clear desire, no resistance… connection is made
To the source that is in us all wanting to live
And to love at full throttle, unfettered and wild
In the way that is merriest as with the child.
Deep inside us all, there is volition to give
Towards the health of the planet. Can this be delayed?

It need not be elaborate… even world wide
In the sense that it’s organized down to detail.
We can party in private with family and friends.
Will it spread epidemically? That all depends.
When we celebrate more, then good tidings prevail
So that current events can be taken in stride.

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