A Day For A Daydream

Mesmerizing Allure

Fertile imagination with time to get lost
In a mystical daydream, my cares are on hold
Or have been fully transmuted to finer ones
That don’t give the stressed out mind a case of the runs.
The surreal simulation is fully controlled
From a place where there isn’t a need to accost.

Natural is my wanting fantastic relief
From the gross denser daydream and ugly nightmare
Taking place in reality. Psychic escape
Is a respite from rancor and ruling class rape
Of my sense of belonging. I’m wanted elsewhere
Far away from the turmoil and turbulent grief.

I am fascinated by mysterious things
Of ethereal substance that I can behold
Only in a more conscious state. So I must dream
To support and maintain a more loving life theme.
Synthesizing what I sense, my story is told
From a free flowing spirit as words become wings.

Spiritually insightful ideas come
To the self in a dream state not fully awake
To the too vivid detail the mundane reveals.
I must pay close attention to how the self feels
Then adjust the lucidity for a retake
On how this day turns out by the beat of my drum.

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