A World Without Niggers

The Encumbered Dream

In a world without niggers how does life evolve?
Let me speak my mind clearly, and don’t take offense
To the off color question. Just give it some thought.
Put aside what your forefathers and parents taught.
You have lived among niggers. Let’s drop the pretense.
The disgust people feel I’m not moved to resolve.

Why does black skin upset you? Is that fair to ask?
I don’t care if it is or not, just so you know.
Who would ask such a question? Is ugliness there
In the face of the asker? Your looks scare, I swear,
To the point of gut sickness! Disgust I must show
Now that I’m fit and able to handle the task.

I don’t live in a white world without a complaint.
I must figure out why my ‘kind’ suffers so much
Because that’s all I can do. The question remains
Most important yet answerless as are most chains
That keep me in a quandary, cold to the touch.
I am glad I do not have to act like a saint.

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