The Value Of Contrast

Monochrome is the cosmos of darkness and light
Wherein we find discernment in what we perceive.
If it were not for contrast, then it would be hard
To make out what to work with and what to discard.
We take stock in perceptions. That’s how we believe
And make judgements about what is wrong and what’s right.

We appreciate color where it may be found
In abundance or scarceness concealed in the seam
Of the over stretched canvass. There color hides well
When there’s no need to see it nor anyone tell.
Life plays out in the mind, though, in vibrant extreme.
We delight in creative expression unbound.

Contrast does lead through chaos, but to clarity.
So it matters profoundly. It leads me to more
Of what life has to offer. I need only see
That my challenges are of much value to me.
There’s no problem that I should not love and adore.
Each, if wise, is a service – one offered for free.

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