The Future Is Not Real

What will come is imagined. It cannot be real
Because as one approaches, it then becomes now.
We can wait all we want for the future to come.
We can look toward the future ‘til eyes become numb.
But the future is now ever always somehow.
No such thing as the future can this now conceal.

What will come, as a construct, is birthed in the mind.
That which I call the future is meaningful to
I who must have my reference points for all my dreams
But I’m dreaming it all now however it seems.
This right now is a stable point for me to do
All I can to uplift myself by being kind.

It’s like chasing the sunset while speeding due west.
If I ever caught up with the future, there’d be
Such an ending of space time for me or for all.
But I can’t catch up! That’s how it is on this Ball.
Many futures become now as far as I see.
They become real by virtue of now’s I invest.

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