Awareness And Mindfulness

Existential Balance

We can speak of awareness and of mindfulness
As two separate entities or quite the same.
They both are fine techniques for quieting the mind.
Regarding meditation the novice will find
Each to be beneficial. The general aim
Is to relieve the tension that is caused by stress.

Differences between the two are noted here.
Mindfulness meditation, practiced everywhere,
Is objective. We concentrate on just one thing
Like the breath or a certain sound as we’re breathing.
Attention is focused on the object with care
Not to drift far from it, so we must persevere.

Awareness meditation is practiced also.
No particular object is focused upon.
Instead, all at once everything is taken in.
One could say it’s subjective and not commit sin.
There’s no certain conclusion that needs to be drawn.
Both techniques benefit one. This you should all know.

In practicing awareness one becomes a flame
To illuminate all that is in one’s domain.
Objects are not as important with this technique
But they can support the consciousness that you seek.
From each one there’s an awful lot that one can gain.
Liberal and conservative define the game.

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