Divine Intervention


Don’t torch that rugrat!  I bring you a clue
From the One who commanded you from up above.
Lay not a hand on the traumatized child.
It’s not his fault your devotion’s run wild.
Yes, God gave you a test to determine your love
But does being a nut case exemplify you?

If God were to tell you to go fuck yourself
Would you submit to cloning to get the job done?
Or would you instead listen well to what’s said
And then come to know it’s a voice in your head?
Many people hear voices.  It’s nothing to shun.
They’re like pages from interspersed books from the shelf.

God has His way.  I’m His messenger though
So I do not mind giving you my point of view.
When some ‘voice‘ tells you to do something wrong
Why not stop to consider who’s singing that song?
God does do some testing.  He grades a lot, too!
But He does so most lovingly, just so you know.

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