Lock your gaze on these glasses.  Now, what do you see?
Occipital lobules cajole in a dance
As the mind conjures meaning and fashions belief.
Is smegmatical messaging giving you grief?
If it were would your suffering earn you the chance
To dispense with all stale memes and set yourself free?

The glass, when half empty, is also half full.
Yet if uttered out loudly some ears would then perk.
The reason for this is there’s judgement involved.
When looked at it one way, it’s said one’s evolved.
When looked at the other, it’s said one’s a jerk.
This ‘assessment of attitude’ trick is pure bull!

There is contrast in life; it’s by nature’s design.
It is good to have vantage points less than ideal,
As they generate outlooks that make ourselves grow.
If we didn’t have bad days, then how would we know
How to deal with desire and carve out what’s real?
The glass is half yours, and it’s also half mine.

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