Any change worth one’s going through offers the chance
For the growth of the spirit. The mending of ways
That have not been as useful in reaching our goals
Is a personal process no one else controls.
Is it appropriate then to give ourselves praise
In the midst of a most transforming circumstance?

No matter who we are – how accomplished or strong
on the path we have chosen – no success is found
Without some sense of grace in our arrogant lives.
One can be most successful if one simply strives
To become more accomplished at standing one’s ground
In a world all believe in and where all belong.

What Is Self-Transformation? It’s changing the way
We, in each given moment, affect what is real.
What will make oneself a wonderful human soul?
To answer this correctly is not quite the goal.
It’s the quest in the questioning and how we feel
That can bear ample witness and brighten our day.

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