Live A Fantastic Life

Life’s a cruise in the fun lane, at least when we’re young.
Not a care will become those of innocent heart.
There’s no responsibility but for the Now
Ever present and meaningful. Children know how
To make any dull moment a daring new start.
It’s the eternal spirit from which they have sprung.

We advance to the fast lane at some point in life.
Education and training accrued over time
Bring positions of power to implement change
In the conduct of others. This is nothing strange.
When we’re feeling delightful, to share that is prime.
But when we’re feeling badly, we’ll instigate strife.

So, can life on the fast track bring on some distress
On occasion? We know that it will, and it should.
Our well-built physiology and thinking minds
Give us reason to live well, as with other kinds
In complete multiplicity, as in childhood.
Simply being alive is a joy to express.

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