It’s All Good!

I appreciate living and dying as well.
I do some of both each time I see a new day.
I break through many walls by the way of the light
And the rich earth that is me. I have every right
To exist and be fruitful in quite my own way.
I have no deal to make here nor nothing to sell.

Yet, it’s nice doing business with earth in the flesh.
There is contrast abundant wherein I may find
True alignment with my source if I stay on course
With the light that attracts me with such subtle force.
Contrast helps me to see, and it sharpens my mind.
The mind and what it sees is an intricate mesh.

 If I feel myself stuck in earth’s dark, rigid maze
Like a speck of life, meaningless to all that be,
I would cut myself short and have no one to blame
But myself if I act out in ways that cause shame.
I comingle with discord so that I can see
That my life has true meaning and value always.

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