Gravitate Toward Feeling Good

There are things that attract one’s most critical mass
As the earth does with all things more heavy than air.
Of those things, there are many that can be much fun.
When engaged in, the business of life is begun.
To descend adrift freely and without a care
Is the kind of adventure no brave one would pass.

What can go wrong is not on the mind of the one
Most distracted by passion in each moment new.
There is gravity in what sometimes I attract.
It may pull me towards that which I don’t want contact,
At least, not as momentously as I accrue
Enough doubt to consume me and leave me undone.

I’m not ready to take to the air just right now.
I must visit the cockpit to see who is there.
I’ll make sure there is someone who’s flying the plane.
If I don’t find a pilot there, what would I gain?
I would land the plane safely, then perhaps declare
That I feel good already. I worthy, somehow.

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