Freewheeling Feeling

When I’m feeling good, I am letting good in.
As the pond fondles water, it caters to flow.
There’s no thought worth thinking that’s not here and now.
If I don’t feel like living, I’m good anyhow.
My world is my pleasure; that’s all I should know.
To consider much other, where would I begin?

The way that I feel is the way that I know
My vibration is syncing in tune with my source.
If I’m feeling quite well, then I know I’m aligned.
But If not, I’ll adjust. That’s the way I’m designed.
There is much more to thinking and feeling, of course.
If I complicate matters, I’ll then cease to grow.

There is nothing more sacred than my feeling great.
It’s my reason for being. I care not to learn
How to leap into waters that cause me despair.
I prefer staying focused and floating on air.
There is simply no simpler way to discern
What I want and do not want. I’m in a good state.

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