Head In The Cloud


The brain is not some knowledge container
Nor is it the place ‘the observer’ resides.
The self, in its whole,’s a magnetic transceiver.
In the frequency tuned, we become a believer.
We get vibes and send them; they serve as our guides
To feeling our best, and that’s a no-brainer!

Every man needs a place he can stick his hard head,
And some of us aren’t too particular where
Good head should be stored for a later use.
If my files are corrupted, perhaps I’ve let loose
To the point that I’ve drawn someone’s disdainful stare.
Were my head claustrophobic could it be misled?

State of the arted technology, now,
A step up from the web-based email addressed,
Allows me to keep my head safe in the cloud.
It’s much fresher up there, for crying out loud!,”
Quoth an inner self tickled… nonsensically blessed.
I play with myself here because I best know how.

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