Contrast Puts the Tern In Eternity

A life speckled with contrast… That’s nature’s way.
We arrive in this world weak and helpless… and wet.
The sole reason for toiling is moving life on
And for rest and revival from dusk until dawn.
How I deal with my contrast is how I beget
The outcome that will guide me the rest of my day.

I enjoy my contrast. Its value is seen
In the newfound desire it stirs within me.
This wanting is personal in every way.
In my joyous survival I’m not led astray.
My desire is answered by Source Energy
Whose wisdom is infinite, loving and keen.

Thus, expansion is glorious. This I know well.
The whole universe grows just because I exist.
Every creature’s desires are fed to this Source.
Sometimes nature demands just a bit of brute force.
The harsh aspects of contrast are duly dismissed
When in proper alignment my wanting does dwell.

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