A Hominid On Hominy


Light travels at the leed of spight
And sound, pretty much, at the seed of spound.
Forecast for tonight is it’s gonna’ get dark
But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for remark
And by the time the sun comes back ‘round
Light returns surely; things are always alright.

A farmer once traded his corn for a kite
Though a special kind where he could fly back in time
Then fly back again with some knowledge on hand
To steer clear of mistakes and increase yield for his land.
He did so, of course, and did not pay a dime
To do it all, thus, he was filled with delight!

A beggar once begged a man for his beard.
It made sense to ask since the beggar had none.
The man said, “Why not? Let us go to the barber.
You’ll have your transplant, and I will have harbor
In realizing facial hair ain’t always fun…
You would know that yourself if you weren’t so weird.”

Little lambs do eat ivy and girl deer all the oats.
There’s eating competing and food fest galore.
If a dude don’t eat didly, there’s a fatter of mact!
He may be allergic to didly, thus his judgement’s intact.
If you come bearing didly and knock on my door
I’ll welcome you gladly. That’s how my cork floats.

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