Happy Birthday, Dear Violet


Happy Birthday, Dear Violet. This one is for you.
It’s a long time in coming, but here it is now.
For a fine girl who’s practical, fun and at ease…
Who brings pleasure and comfort to all whom she sees,
I would give you myself if indeed I knew how.
But perhaps I can manage with words just a few.

You take care of yourself. I can see that it’s so
In your determination to do what is right.
Behaving most appropriately is a skill.
For some folks it requires a bit of hard will.
I remember the night when we had a great fight.
You’re a teacher of passion, I want you to know.

There is no single day that goes by without you
On my mind, in my heart, in some part of the day.
And my words are packed loosely in cumbersome verse.
Seems our lives were a play where I didn’t rehearse.
To the child who is grown now, I just want to say
I would be less without you, and that’s nothing new.

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