Quadrilateral Bowel Tracks A Hole With A Howl

Quadrilateral Bowel Is Hole With A Howl

Lock on to that hole; do surrend’ it your sight
It’s a moving target deserving attention
Wildly wet blasted touch, such a forceful display
When Nature decides to check in in this way
The mind in Her will does defy comprehension
But follow it, still, even all through the night

…And then on through the day, and then over again
Its meaning thus churning, digestion is sure
Yet, the same old matter ne’er passes away
It just circles the system for day after day
So as the thing dampens we feel more secure
All focus reset for a new now and then

When as innards assimilate ass of eye food
Whom does go last? The hose or the hosed?
When the hole passes this way I will know
Intestinal quickening before solid flow
For a quick selfie I will not have posed
I’d be cut to the chase in excited mood!

Well, Nature’s howl should make news, I suppose
Like any mother, she’ll not be ignored
Whether children act up or they play really nice
Mother Nature’s concern is a throw of the dice
With Her for a mom we are not to be bored
When and how She speaks next, nobody knows

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