I’m a Happy Hound With My Solid Earth Ground

Solid Earth Ground

Dear Lord, do grant me a Solid Earth Ground
One that is rooted way deep in the earth
Not some cold soldered joint of loose connection
Give me hard-wired harness to ensure good protection
From spurious surges that wreak utter dearth
Upon delicate circuitry where e’er they be found

Isolation, at times, does treat well my device
But that’s only the way my own wiring is freed
Of life’s most continuous noise and static
When I feel some impedance, I break out the schematic
To note any ground in seclusion. Indeed
All grounds well interconnected is nice

Of grounds most agree on a strict trinity
Among Signal, Earth Ground, and Case or Chassis
But for general purpose I’m not up for book theory
The Hum through my sound system drives my head weary
Hissing messes my mind – makes my eyes crossed and glassy
Of that I can find no worthy affinity

God, Bless my sweet Ground; I adore it as you!
It sucks off the small stuff and sends it it’s way
No more Hiss in my listening; I’m dog gone delivered
I’m a happy hound for whose bone he has quivered
Now that this job is done I am ready to play
I am tide to the Earth with a really tight screw.

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