Half Wave Blues


When I feel like a bridge shy a diode or two
It’s not time for the doctor or even the shrink.
With their remedies rampant there’s no saving grace.
Poor rectification puts egg on one’s face.
I’ve but half my output so now let me think.
Should I probe deep inside for a deeper view?

Output should be steady at high DC level
Not some lumpy half-waved powerless mess.
I don’t need pills; I need diode replacement.
I’ve a while to go yet before my encasement.
Disconnect from my load, friend. I’ve lost tech finesse.
With a voltage decrease, in stasis I revel.

When my full wave returns I will thank AC power
It feeds most rhythmic my primary winding
With voltage transformed and processed through my system
Electrons flow freely; there’s no force to resist ‘em
With good regulation strong voltage I’m finding.
I’m ready to serve now; I’m done with the hour.

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