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Go With It!


You want to allow your dream to gestate within
Your Vortex of Creation. It is already
But you must be aware of it without distress
About what hasn’t happened. The joy you express
For its coming must be borderline ecstasy.
At this game of life be most determined to win.

Just ask yourself, “Does this thought feel satisfying?”
If it does then Go With It! Keep on thinking it.
Let thoughts like it occur to you naturally.
In a world of fulfillment you’re destined to be.
Be aware of the vibration that you transmit.
That you can think what you want there’s no denying.

When something negative happens you get to choose
Which direction you’ll take it. If you think about
How unkind an act it was ask yourself, “Does this
Thought fulfill me?”
The answer you surely can’t miss

So just leave that thought right there. You can’t figure out
How to deal with something that is meant to confuse.

Refocus long enough before the momentum
Of the moment increases or just get away
From the stress altogether. Go with what you know
About yourself. You’re someone who’s willing to go
To extreme lengths to be receptive and to stay
Always looking ahead to the good times to come.

From Fear To Curiosity

Curious Child

If you want to escape from your cage you must die
While you’re still alive. This means you must change your whole
Way of looking at life. The great master follows
His own nature and not all the folly that goes
Along with life. Your freedom is your only goal
And your own heart is the one you must satisfy.

A person who is truly good isn’t aware
Of his goodness. He tends not to accumulate
Anything but instead will give everything to
Everyone else. His kindness and wisdom are true
To his nature. He has learned to appreciate
All of life. Only love a good person will share.

The more one gives the more one receives in return.
That should never be the reason for being kind.
Kindness comes with the wisdom of feeling complete
In oneself. It becomes habitual to treat
Everyone kindly. One lives with true peace of mind.
No divisions among people does one discern.

When pursuing your passion keep kindness in mind
And in heart and let fear be a thing of the past.
Your can move From your Fear To Curiosity
When you see your life as an opportunity.
You were meant to feel good sorting through the contrast.
That humanity is interesting you’ll find.

The Inner Critic And Social Comparison

The Self-Examiner

You can undermine yourself with what can be called
Critical truths about yourself that are based on
Feelings of inferiority, but any
Fair minded jury would reject this completely.
Even your own worst enemy can’t come upon
What you can. You’ve an internal critic installed.

Feeling inferior comes from your measuring
Yourself against someone else or just everyone.
It is a false conception. We each are unique.
At least in some areas all persons are weak.
All are good at some things, and without exception
Each of us has to this earth a whole lot to bring.

Many people believe they’re so inferior
That they simply can’t live with themselves. It’s a shame
That they must be superior at any cost.
Haphazard are the gains, and much of them is lost
While attempting to play in such a lethal game.
They are trapped and controlled by the way they keep score.

Inferiority and its weak counterpart,
Superiority, are both of the same coin.
Counterfeit are their essence. They are illusions.
Recognizing your own worth and how the world runs,
You will come up with solutions straight from the groin
To get your inner critic aligned with your heart.