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Opportunity Beacons

The Allure of Chance

It’s the luck of those skittish of not taking charge
Of the vast opportunity waiting to be
Courted ever so clearly with eyes on success
That evokes super confidence. One can express
The best self to show others because they can see
What exudes is excitement as dreams become large.

Mars is sextile my Jupiter. I’ll take the chance
That I may have a blessing that I may exchange
For some practical tender… Perhaps a new world
Where inhabitants ponder why my hair is curled.
Dreams when caught in a tailspin can get rather strange
Like the fear that existence is tied to finance.

At the base of the pyramid of human needs,
As established by Maslow, is security.
As we ascend the structure our needs grow a soul.
When it reaches maturity it has no goal
But to share what it’s gained and most wholeheartedly.
These few days, I am joyful and ripe for kind deeds.