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Only One Minute Away

Time Adrift

On that high flying disk is where I want to be.
I love feeling excited about everything
In this wonderful universe. Out of thin air
I can pull this great feeling and I can stay there
Just as long as I want to. Much joy I can bring
To this moment. I love living life happily.

If I start out my day this way it’s easier
To remain in alignment. Before negative
Thoughts of yesterday flood into my consciousness
I find all kinds of things in the moment to bless.
I’m delighted that I’ve chosen this way to live.
I love knowing that I can have what I prefer.

Things that make me feel better or put me at ease
I must focus on. Music and meditation
Put me there in a hurry. My intent is to
Feel as good as I can so whatever I do
Is only for that reason. As my creation,
This moment is the only one for me to seize.

Distraction from whatever is keeping me from
My alignment is welcomed most wholeheartedly.
There’s nothing else I need to accomplish today.
My happiness is Only One Minute Away.
Getting happy and staying there is up to me.
I’m anticipating all the good times to come.

One Minute Away

Fast Manifestation

It takes less than a minute to be filled with rage
Or wonder. Our emotions quickly come on strong.
Should we try to control them or leave them alone?
When they are overwhelming some people are prone
To let loose with their feelings. It is only wrong
When the ignorant ego escapes from its cage.

Our work is to remain on the high flying disk.
It’s the path of least resistance to everything
That we want. We can’t just pull things out of thin air
Unless we’re in alignment and fully aware
Of the energy with which we are aligning.
The process is a simple one devoid of risk.

Things that make us feel better increase momentum
Toward things that we want and decrease resistance
That keeps us from receiving them. Things like music
Elevate the mood greatly and pretty damned quick.
Novel things that distract us indeed will enhance
Our ability to get the good stuff to come.

The first thing in the morning is the best time to
Get into alignment before old thoughts invade
Our clean slated consciousness. If we meditate
Upon waking, the chances of our feeling great
Through the day are improved. No blessing is delayed.
Stop and think for a minute is all we need do.

One Minute Away

An Instant To Eternity

All my work is to get on that high flying disk.
It’s the path that I know has the least resistance.
It is easier done earlier in the day
Before old thoughts and patterns do my peace betray.
In the morning while still fresh I have the best chance.
I can get there by feeling contented yet brisk.

The first thing in the morning I’ll take one minute
To remember who I am and where I belong.
Then I’ll think pleasant things about places to go
And about things to do that will help me to grow
In the ways of the spirit. I can remain strong
For that short length of time. There is not a dispute.

Anything that I can do that’s pleasurable
Is a thing that’s worth doing. In fact, it’s a must
For spiritual health and that of the body.
Thinking thoughts that are positive helps me to be
In a state of contentment and ultimate trust
That I will in this day be profoundly stable.

I’ve much determination in finding that place
Of the highest vibration that I can achieve.
It lets me know the good things in life that I’ve done.
Then a chain reaction of blessings has begun.
I can’t help sounding foolish and sorely naïve.
That’s okay as long as I am receiving grace.