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This Moment

The Eternal Now

Addicted to the next moment most of us are.
The illusion of forward motion is at play.
To exist in the future is all in the mind.
Consciousness, when it’s trapped there, will make people blind
To the value This Moment has. Thought will betray
What is present reality. Ain’t that bizarre?

Some of us are of wisdom. That wouldn’t be me.
I, like many who manage with mental disease,
Seek advice from the masters of pure consciousness.
Normalcy I can mimic, but my life’s a mess.
Without plenty of guidance, no hope will I seize.
Awareness of This Moment will set myself free.

Verily, quality of my life does depend
On how much value I place on the here and now,
And how much I devalue the future and past.
All I have is This Moment – the one that will last
Through a lifetime of wonder. If I practice how
To achieve that awareness, myself I’ll transcend.

Little things are significant. Taking a drink
Of a cool glass of water, I’m attentive to.
It is much more refreshing when it’s not a chore
Amid myriad others, and at times, a bore.
Anything I would do is a nice thing to do.
There are some moments where one can just stop and think.