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Sharing Happiness

Poised For Fun

We all want to live happy lives. But how do we
Go about it? Some say it’s just a decision
That we make with a certain determination.
This of course is true in any situation.
Anytime a state of joy one can envision
Then experience the feeling quite easily.

Yet to some, happiness remains hard to achieve
Due to well-practiced patterns. The strong momentum
Of our past negative habits gets in the way
Of choosing happiness over utter dismay.
Difficulty we have when we’re beating the drum
Of our limits. We’re not in the mode to receive.

Urgency to find happiness stops the quest dead
In its tracks. If you want happiness for an hour,
Take a nap. If you want happiness for a day,
Go fishing. If you want happiness all the way
Through the year, win the lottery. Feel the power
Of abundance but don’t let it go to your head.

If you want happiness for a lifetime you’ll find
It by helping others. When you light a lamp for
Someone else on the road not only do you light
Up their world but you’re also doing what feels right.
Bringing happiness to others brings a lot more
Right back to you. It’s beneficial to be kind.