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Signs Of Dissolution


Nothing is permanent. Don’t stress yourself too much
Because no matter how bad the situation
Is it will change. It takes a lot of courage to
Push through hard times. Don’t give up whatever you do.
Good things are coming your way and your elation
With your masterpiece is but your finishing touch.

Never compare your life with others. It may seem
That theirs are better than yours but they have issues
Just as you do. Life gives you many chances to
Screw up but there are as many offered you
To get it right. You have to be willing to choose
Happiness over misery in the extreme.

Some folks aren’t loyal to you. They’re loyal to their
Need for you. When their needs change there’s no loyalty
Any longer. You enemies will often tell
You the truth because it hurts. They know very well
That it does but friends will lie to you easily
Because it doesn’t hurt. So, how much can they care?

Living with glory is not about avoiding
Failure but about getting back up each time you
Fall. Success isn’t just about moving up the
Ladder. It’s about placing it where you can see
Where you’re going. Embrace what’s exciting and new.
You have power enough to get through anything.