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With Just A Small Tuning

Radio Station

People who are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and more
Excited about life than the average Joe
Tend to get more accomplished while efforting less.
To the blessings of life they have total access.
That they’re worthy and loved is all they need to know.
Always they look forward to the good that’s in store.

Pollyanna these folks aren’t. While they can remain
In a high state of consciousness they can also
Pay attention to their lives in the here and now.
By staying focused on what they want they allow
Abundance and wellbeing to easily flow
Into their lives. They live them for maximum gain.

About dynamic things like new technology,
Future worlds, new inventions, and how life is good
To them this way and that way these folks emphasize.
It’s no wonder that they always win the big prize.
When others think of failure they think of what could
Become of it. Nothing but success do they see.

Now With Just A Small Tuning you too can become
Connected to your truest self. Appreciate
Everything you can think of. Be fully aware
Of what you enjoy here and now and don’t compare
Yourself to anyone. Keep yourself in a state
Of allowing. Your happiness ushers therefrom.

Righteous Ignorance

Psychic Innocence

I find myself okay. I’m in a happy place.
I just ignore reality, then focus on
Having fun, so I can just feel my way around.
This works well, but sometimes no fulfillment is found.
I create, yet it seems like the magic is gone.
I know that there are folks who will jump in my case.

I can feel. That’s the first step in the whole process
Of creating. The feeling must be energized
With positive emotion, then while I am there
In a high state of consciousness, I am aware
Of the fullness life offers. I can’t be chastised
As the daft Pollyanna or anything less.

With my head in the clouds I don’t want to be seen,
But I must stay there long enough to get into
What happens to be my vortex of creation.
From that place of ease and clarity, I am one
With reality, then everything that I do
Will be worthwhile, as my perceptions will be keen.

To life, I’ll give my undivided attention
Only when I am one with the best part of me.
One who’s tapped in, tuned in, and turned on in this way
Thinks about only good things, I’ll start off your day
With a positive outlook. My reality
Is with all others in this space-time dimension.

With Just A Small Tuning

A Minor Adjusting

To not look at reality is to ignore
What people have created out of nothingness.
So, to do so and just find that ‘feeling good’ place
Is the way to receiving every kind of grace
That the world makes available. And nothing less
Than a little adjusting can offer you more.

Ignore reality because it’s easier
To feel your way to happiness. Then you can tune
To the whole of who you are so that you can give
Undivided attention to how you can live
In a state where you are virtually immune
To the nonsense in real life that’s damned to occur.

A naive Pollyanna people may call you
For ignoring reality just long enough
To let happiness fill you with life energy.
But when you express the way things happen to be
You may blow their socks off with such powerful stuff.
People may stop their asking you, “How do you do?”

So With Just A Small Tuning the world you create
Through your intent and focus is all that you need
To explore your magnificence and be aligned
With the best self you can be. Be ever inclined
To define your reality. Dare to succeed
At the art of excitement. There’s no need to wait.