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Seeking Inner Peace

Bright New Day

In the depths of the human soul there’s a profound
Battle raging against desires that can serve no
Purpose other than to enslave and weaken us.
World activity demonstrates the disastrous
Human tendency to live within the shadow
Of a troubled existence. To it we are bound.

Mindfulness meditation can alleviate
Much of your inner turmoil. You want to break free
From the world around you every once in a while.
Though the world is unthinkably cruel and hostile
You can get away from it temporarily.
Good happens when you’re in a meditative sate.

Be the master of yourself and you will be free.
True freedom lay not in indulging your desires
But in conquering them. If humanity will
Figure out ways to keep its collective mind still
Then world peace would occur but of course it requires
A unanimous effort where all must agree.

It’s not the things themselves that disturb people but
Their judgments about these things. Can we recognize
The illusions succumbed to? The impediment
To action advances action. None can prevent
Things from happening so it’s both helpful and wise
To keep yourself out of a most depressing rut.