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Unlock Your Inner Peace

Youth Yoga

There are many ways to achieve inner peace and
Happiness. One way might work for you but not for
Someone else. It takes some experimentation
To find the right path for you. The elevation
Of your consciousness is the main reason for your
Seeking inner peace which you know and understand.

Spending time in nature can prevent your mind from
Thinking stressful thoughts. Take a deep breath of fresh air.
Take short walks and appreciate all that you see.
You can conquer depression and anxiety
Through exposure to nature. Become more aware
Of the beating of nature’s therapeutic drum.

Practice mindfulness. Meditate regularly.
Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining
About what you lack. Those who are most satisfied
With their lives have a grateful heart that’s open wide.
Such people have no problem at all maintaining
Their alignment with their positive energy.

Take full responsibility for your actions.
Be accountable for everything that you do.
Everyone screws up sometimes. These are lessons learned.
They should be steppingstones as far as you’re concerned.
But don’t let your mistakes of the past define you.
It does no good to dwell on your past infractions.

Love yourself. Practice acceptance and contentment.
Exercise regularly. Eat healthy. Be kind
To yourself and others. Get rid of your clutter.
Show your magnificence with the words you utter.
Take control of your life and within it you’ll find
That your reflecting upon it is time well spent.

Windows And Doors

Paths Cluster

Many paths there are in spirituality
So many that it can be difficult to choose
Which one is the best for you but you can explore
Any teaching that helps you to open the door
To enlightenment. Don’t let anything confuse
You about finding purpose and reason to be.

Any path that fuels the spirit of selflessness
Is appropriate. When you learn to surrender
To something that you know is far greater than you
Then you always will know the proper thing to do
In any situation. The path you prefer
Is the one that leads to ultimate happiness.

It’s the path of devotion that opens the heart
To feeling divine presence. Experiencing
The joy of devotion ignites the flame of love.
Once illuminated, you put noting above
Your devotion. Your ministry means everything
As it gives to your life a much needed kick start.

Understanding the universe and yourself are
The highest truths to work toward ultimately.
Spiritual enlightenment is all about
Harmonizing with all that is and there’s no doubt
You’ll rid yourself of much negative energy.
From a life of fulfillment you’re never too far.