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Walk Away

Onward Direction

Trusting folks blindly often leads to betrayal
So be careful with whom you’re giving your trust to.
Challenge yourself. It’s the only way you can grow.
When you speak you repeat what you already know.
If you listen then you may learn something brand new.
If you want things to happen for you then they shall.

Don’t allow someone to treat you poorly simply
Because you love them. Excuses are always there
And easy to make. Finding a way is what takes
Fortitude. Any chance that you take is high stakes
In a world with much hatred – one which doesn’t care
About people living in peace and harmony.

Life gets better once you stop assuming you will
Always have more time later. Be more proactive.
Each day should be a step forward. The only one
Who needs to understand is you. Tolerate none
Of the crap ever present yet learn how to live
In the present. You want to develop that skill.

One wrong step can change everything. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat.
Be honest and loyal. Sometimes you have to walk
Away from people not because you don’t care but
Because they don’t so don’t hold yourself in a rut
Over it. Be aware of your conscious self-talk.
It can lead to your success or utter defeat.