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Be Strong


Your life situation will just keep repeating
Itself until you learn what you need to from it.
You can lie down for people to walk on you and
They’ll complain still that you’re not flat enough, so stand
In your truth. An unspeakable sin you commit
By allowing behavior that’s so defeating.

Manage your mood because if it doesn’t obey
Then it will command your life. Be fully aware
Of how you feel in each moment. Take back control
Of you life. Concentrate on making yourself whole.
Nothing about life for you is too much to bear.
Check your mood for satisfaction throughout your day.

Thinking that someone else can make you happy or
Unhappy is ridiculous. You have control
Of your own emotions. Most good things fall apart
To make room for much better things. Life is an art
If you make it so. You play an important role
In evolving into the person you adore.

Maybe the path that scares you the most is the one
That you need to take. You have within you right now
Everything you need to deal with whatever the
World can throw at you. You emerge triumphantly
From the ashes of crisis. It’s time to allow
Wellbeing to embrace your new journey begun.

Attract What You Want

Matter Becoming

“As you think, so shall you be.” There are many ways
To acquire things that you want, but basically,
It begins with how you choose to think about things.
Ultimately, only positive thinking brings
What you want to be part of your reality.
How do you get more happiness into your days?

You become what you think about throughout the day.
Thoughts expand. Then they become a magnetic force
That attracts situations that match their nature.
It’s important to make sure you’re thinking is pure.
Thinking unconsciously causes certain remorse
Because there is nothing turning out quite your way.

You can’t give away what you don’t have. So you know
That you can’t give away love if there’s none to give.
If what you have inside you is contempt and fear,
It’s difficult to consider anyone dear.
It is up to you to decide how you will live.
You must have love within you or it cannot show.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you
Look at change.”
It’s because of your powerful mind

That you are where you are now. It’s the beginning
Of developing an attitude of winning.
You can leave all the negative feelings behind
So that you can discover a life that is new.

Life’s Secret

Listen Carefully

The most obvious question is, “What’s life about?”
It’s no secret to many who have come to know
The most accurate answer. That we must survive
Is apparently the reason to stay alive,
To prosper, and to find fulfillment as we grow.
Our Western philosophy leaves us with some doubt.

“You’ve got to go on living,” says society.
“It’s your duty to make it or else,” they will say.
There’s no real necessity to go on living,
Not because life can be harsh and unforgiving,
But because all our troubles are washed clean away.
So, the fear of death must be absurd completely.

The spontaneous nature of nature is such
That it happens of itself without influence
From outside. If you try to command the process
You will falter and encounter much undue stress.
Nature’s code to our feeble minds doesn’t make sense.
Focused in this reality we are too much.

Way deep down far inside us, we basically
Are the fabric and structure of all that exists.
Fireworks in the universe celebrate all
That is happening with it. This isn’t a small
Thing to ponder, even though the ego resists.
You are now living the secret, which is ‘to be.’